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Supervising Teens BEFORE They Drive, Not After

A national columnist who writes about parenting issues recently wrote about “tech tools” available to parents to monitor their teen drivers.  The article did a nice job of summarizing the features available, why parents should install them, and the costs. However, the... read more

CHOP’s New Research on Teen Driver Skill Deficiencies

Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia, a leading researcher of the causes of teen driver crashes, has published new results based on their testing of teen’s use of driving  simulators.  CHOP reports that among those tested, the three most frequently... read more
My Turn On The CBS Evening News, On Safe Teen Driving

My Turn On The CBS Evening News, On Safe Teen Driving

On Wednesday May 27, I was honored to be asked to contribute to a teen driving story on the CBS Evening News With Scott Pelley. The new study from the AAA Foundation documents that over the past twenty years, two thirds of the people who have died in crashes involving... read more

A Mother’s Email About Safe Teen Driving

I am blessed to get many emails from parents of teen drivers.  Reprinted below is one of the nicest I have received, a good example of why I do what I do, and what keeps me going: Dear Mr. Hollister,  As a parent of an 11th grade daughter, preparing for her upcoming... read more

Now I Know What Happened to My Letter

USA Today has reported that the Secret Service, not the President or Mrs. Obama, has taught Malia Obama how to drive. So now I know why I never got an answer to my letter, see below.... read more

A Teen’s Powerful Plea For Safer Teen Driving

Working on safer teen driving for the past seven years, I have met many extraordinary people.  Such as Audrey Apanovitch, now a senior at Glastonbury High School here in Connecticut.  One of Audrey’s best friends, Jane Modlesky, died in a one-car crash in July 2013. ... read more