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A Teen’s Powerful Plea For Safer Teen Driving

Working on safer teen driving for the past seven years, I have met many extraordinary people.  Such as Audrey Apanovitch, now a senior at Glastonbury High School here in Connecticut.  One of Audrey’s best friends, Jane Modlesky, died in a one-car crash in July 2013. ... read more

Safer Teen Driving– Through a Parking Sticker

Happy Global Youth Traffic Safety Month to all.  As it has for years, the National Organizations for Youth Safety,, is leading the activities this month. On April 30th, at Glastonbury High School here in Connecticut, I learned about implementation of a... read more

Connecticut’s 2015 Safe Teen Driving Video Winners!

Earlier this week it was my privilege to attend the annual awards ceremony for the top high school student-produced safe teen driving videos.  As in recent years, this year’s contest was sponsored by Travelers and the CT Department of Motor Vehicles, and the ceremony... read more

Words of Wisdom About Driving

Sometimes, someone writes something that captures the essence of a problem in a few well-chosen words. In February, long-time New Yorker magazine writer and New York City resident Adam Gopnik published an article “The Driver’s Seat:  What we learn when we learn to... read more

New AAA Foundation Study of Teen Drivers and Distractions

Along with many safe teen driving advocates, I will be reviewing and commenting on a new study released today by the AAA Foundation about teen driving and distractions, but this study promises to be so important that I am providing the link to it asap.  More to... read more
What I Learned At The Lifesavers Conference

What I Learned At The Lifesavers Conference

Last weekend, for the fourth time, I attended the Lifesavers Conference, the annual meeting of the national traffic safety community. (This year we were in Chicago – sunny and warm!) I always learn a great deal.  I am always inspired to be in the company of so... read more