His Father Still:  a parenting memoir

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Parenting Your Teen Through the Dangers of Driving


His Father Still: A Parenting Memoir

His Father Still:  A Parenting Memoir is, first, Reid’s father’s disarmingly candid account of the tumult of parenting Reid through his teen years, and then confronting the unthinkable obligations of a father to a son after a sudden tragedy.

Not So Fast: Parenting Your Teen Through the Dangers of Driving

Backed by research and aimed at empowering parents, Not So Fast: Parenting Your Teen Through the Dangers of Driving, is an informative and vital guide to help parents understand the causes of teen crashes and head them off each time before their teens get behind the wheel.

From Reid's Dad

This blog helps parents find the right balance between exposing teens to life’s risks while protecting them from life’s dangers, with a particular focus on safe teen driving.  If this is your challenge, this blog is for you.

No Tan Rápido

Most driving literature for parents focuses on how to teach a teen to drive, without explaining why teen driving is so dangerous in the first place or giving parents a plan to preempt the hazards teens face. By contrast, No Tan Rápido empowers and guides parents to understand the causes and situations that most often lead to teen crashes and to take specific, proactive steps—before and each time a teen driver gets behind the wheel—to counteract them.

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Friends: You missed my book tour presentation, "Every Parent's Challenge: Freedom vs. Protection"? The good folks in Rochester recorded my talk and posted it on You Tube, link below. The entire video runs 71 minutes but my remarks start at 5:50 and end at about 41:00 (the rest being audience questions). So please have a look. Thanks


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Friends: I write to extend a big fat THANK YOU to my hosts, and new friends made, during my 14 stop His Father Still/Not So Fast book tour that ended last night. This began in late January when I was a guest of Scott Haney and Kara Sundlun on WFSB-TV's Better Connecticut program, and continued with seven high school and library talks in CT,and one in Maine; a Rotary Club dinner; one private book club event; one "expo" in a shopping mall; and presentations in Southern California, Utah, North Dakota, Maine, and Rochester, NY. We sold a healthy number of books, the proceeds of which will benefit Reid's memorial fund. So thanks again to my hosts, and also to my assistant Erin Fitzgerald for help with travel arrangements, and Stephanie Glasgow for help with my ever-evolving Powerpoint slides. ...

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I'll be speaking at Brighton High School in Rochester, New York tomorrow night May 16 at 7 PM, and then at the Norwalk, CT library on Wednesday night May 18, also at 7. These events will conclude my current book tour. :) ...

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Thrilled to be in Chicago to attend the National Safety Council's Green Cross for Safety dinner with (from left, after me), Rick Birt from Students Against Destructive Decisions, Jonathan Adkins of the Governors Highway Safety Association, our host Brandy Nannini from the Foundation for Advancing Alcohol Responsibility, and Jana Nelson, a legislative advocate from Austin, Texas ...

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A brief detour on the way home from speaking this morning to the Maine Driver Training and Safety Education conference in Augusta. Ayup, you can get theyuh from heyuh. ...

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