His Father Still:  a parenting memoir

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Parenting Your Teen Through the Dangers of Driving


His Father Still: A Parenting Memoir

His Father Still:  A Parenting Memoir is, first, Reid’s father’s disarmingly candid account of the tumult of parenting Reid through his teen years, and then confronting the unthinkable obligations of a father to a son after a sudden tragedy.

Not So Fast: Parenting Your Teen Through the Dangers of Driving

Backed by research and aimed at empowering parents, Not So Fast: Parenting Your Teen Through the Dangers of Driving, is an informative and vital guide to help parents understand the causes of teen crashes and head them off each time before their teens get behind the wheel.

From Reid's Dad

This blog helps parents find the right balance between exposing teens to life’s risks while protecting them from life’s dangers, with a particular focus on safe teen driving.  If this is your challenge, this blog is for you.

No Tan Rápido

Most driving literature for parents focuses on how to teach a teen to drive, without explaining why teen driving is so dangerous in the first place or giving parents a plan to preempt the hazards teens face. By contrast, No Tan Rápido empowers and guides parents to understand the causes and situations that most often lead to teen crashes and to take specific, proactive steps—before and each time a teen driver gets behind the wheel—to counteract them.

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Friends: I got another amazing letter, from a father I do not know, about His Father Still:

"Some African cultures use terms which distinguish between the recently deceased and those who long ago died. (As comprehensive as English is, we have only one word for the dead.). The Sasha are spirits known by people who are still alive; Zamani are the long dead, not known by anyone currently alive. I feel certain, after reading His Father Still, that Reid's Sasha spirit still touches thousands of people. But more, I suspect that you can take comfort in knowing that years after you are gone, many people whose lives Reid touched when they were young will fondly remember him.

Thank you for His Father Still. May it engender a Zamani spirit through which Reid will outlast us all."

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Tonight at Asylum Hill Congregational Church, the Youth Group and their parents invited me to give a talk called "Remembering Reid." Several of these now-high-school students had Reid as their Sunday School teacher (our church calls them "shepherds") when they were in kindergarten or first grade! We talked about Reid's life and his crash, but also about how families need to balance teaching kids about risk while also protecting them from danger. We discussed this in the context of teen driving and also school; when do parents let teens make mistakes or fail, and when should they intervene to prevent adverse consequences? It was a great event, with some poignant memories of Reid the Shepherd -- from his flock, many of whom are now taller than I am. My thanks to AHCC Youth Director Kara Price. ...

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