If you are the parent of a teenage driver and want:


A better understanding of the dangers and risks.

The knowledge to make better decisions about when to entrust your teen with car keys.

The courage to say “no” to your teen when necessary.


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I have been posting articles since September 2009, and I started with what might be considered the most basic and important topics. So, if you want to start your reading with those initial posts, just click through the Archives for September – October 2009, and work forward from there.

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Words of Wisdom About Driving

Sometimes, someone writes something that captures the essence of a problem in a few well-chosen words. In February, long-time New Yorker magazine writer and New York City resident Adam Gopnik published an article “The Driver’s Seat:  What we learn when we learn to... read more


Some of you have seen my “Open Letter” to new teen drivers that was published by AOL Autos on its Autoblog on July 22 (not coincidentally, Reid’s 25th birthday).  We now have permission to reprint it.  Feel free to use or forward anywhere this might be useful.  My thanks again to Sharon Carty, Executive Editor of AOL Autos, for giving me the opportunity to prepare a stand-alone piece for teen drivers, to go with my blog materials and book, Not So Fast, which are directed to parents.

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My Story

On December 2, 2006, my seventeen-year-old son, Reid, the driver, died in a one-car accident. On a three-lane Interstate highway that he probably never had driven before, on a dark night just after rain had stopped…


  • Safer teen driving starts with informed, conservative decisions about whether teens get behind the wheel of a car in the first place. Teaching teens to operate a vehicle safely is Step 2…

My Credentials

Father of Reid S. Hollister, age 17, a driver, who died in the early morning of December 2, 2006, the result of a one-car accident on the evening of December 1, at Exit 34 on Interstate 84 East in Plainville, Connecticut…

Note:  Photo of Tim speaking at Fitch High School, Groton, Connecticut, April 24, 2014 — by Tim Martin of the New London Day, reprinted with permission.