A listing of helpful websites and videos available on the internet



Tim Hollister speaking at the Simsbury Public Library



Teen Driving Resources—Website of the Allstate Foundation; Allstate has mounted a national campaign to promote the use of parent-teen driver agreements—Website of American Automobile Association Foundation, which includes in-depth research on teen driving and instruction—Center for Disease Control’s teen driving website—Children’s health blog by Children’s Hospital in Boston—Website of Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia, a national leader in safe teen driving research—US Department of Transportation website that summarizes current research about distracted driving – Ford Motor Company’s teen driving program—A Sacramento, California-based coalition of parents, law enforcement, and first responders that provides innovative training programs—The Insurance Institute for Highway Safety, a national leader in researching all aspects of traffic safety—Website of Liberty Mutual Insurance, offering parent and teen tips and tools. Through a partnership with SADD, Liberty Mutual regularly publishes original research into teen and family attitudes and behaviors concerning teen driving and underage drinking—Website of the annual national meeting of traffic safety professionals—MADD’s underage drinking prevention program, which includes a specific section on teen driving—A Connecticut-based organization of parents who have lost children in automobile accidents (I am a participant); the group brings a message, in person, to high school students about the consequences for families of unsafe driving—The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, a federal agency; the “Teen Driving” portion of its website has a trove of information, resources, and statistics for parents—National Organizations for Youth Safety (NOYS), a national coalition of groups whose mission involves all aspects of youth safety and safe teen driving in particular. NOYS has been very active recently in combating texting and distracted driving among teen drivers. “Under Your Influence,”, is its specific safe teen driving monthly e-newsletter—National Safety Council, which publishes Teen Driver: A Family Guide to Teen Driver Safety (2004).—Website of Students Against Destructive Decisions, which includes educational and prevention materials for students to use in their schools and communities, as well as information for parents, teachers, and other caring adults—US government’s comprehensive list of vehicle safety ratings—Website of the State Farm Insurance Company—Toyota’s teen driver program