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Youthful Offender Status For Teen Who Caused Fatalities?

Today’s New York Times reports on a Long Island teenager who in 2014 participated in a drag race that ended up killing five people and severely injured two others.  The article says that New York Justice Terence Murphy “has committed to sentencing [the... read more

A Big Day and A Good Year For Reid

Friends:  Today, December 2, 2015, is a big day, and 2015 has been a good year. For my son Reid, that is.  (Me too, but especially Reid.) Nine years after his passing, Reid’s story is now known to and embraced by more people than ever before, through the September... read more

A Thought-Provoking Radio Interview About His Father Still

This video/audio of an October interview with a radio station in Ocala, Florida may be, at 24 minutes, a big bite for my blog readers, but the hosts’ questions and comments were particularly insightful, more so than almost any other interview I’ve done. ... read more